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Valentin Nikolov started fencing at the age of 12. He has over 30 years of fencing experience. He excelled as a member of the Bulgarian National Saber Team and later coached the Bulgarian World Cup and Olympic Teams. He coached his team to second place in the world. This is an amazing feat when one considers the small size of the country of Bulgaria. We are very fortunate to have Coach Valentin as a part of the 3rd Street Fencing Academy. He is its heart and soul.

Coach Valentin Nikolov



Coach Valentin working with a young foilist.

Coach Norman talking with saber expert Jay. Norman has a real genius for working with young people. He teaches them important fencing techniques in a fun way. Norman is very proud of the fact that our first club graduate will be attending his alma-mater, The University of Florida, as a Fencing Gator. 


Kenneth L. Strattan
3rd Street Fencing
Business Manager,
Musician and Educator


3rd Street Fencing Academy* 217 NE 3rd Street
*Pompano Beach* Florida * US * 33060